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Ind AS have been mandated in India in 2016-17 onwards for companies in a phased manner. These are aligned with IFRS standards and as the IFRS changes, IND AS also gets modified. Ind AS are going to be mandatory from 2019 to Banking and NBFC sector and most probably by 2020 to Insurance sector as well. In attune with IFRS standards , MCA also changes the IND AS standards on a very frequent basis . This training in aligned with IFRS changes and new area’s where important changes are expected . We shall also be covering area’s where Frauds are expected to be done in the Ind AS area.


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Join us on 25th February 2019 Mumbai

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Key Topics to be Covered

1. For Bankers , their financials are to be made on Ind AS and the loans they are giving are made on Ind AS.
2. Fair valuation standards (Ind As 113) - How fair valuations are to be done, what is highest and best use value, valuation criterion's for shares (in case shares are to be valued)
3. Ind AS are coming up with new standards on Lease accounting . This is changing the lease concepts. Also changes are on the Insurance contracts . It will help you prepare better.
4. Coverage is attempted for all standards on a brief basis. Certain new aspects like ECL model of impairment shall also be covered.


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Package Delegate Standard Rate
Hard copy, Soft Copy of Training Presentation, Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Refreshments, Certificate of Merit Attendance Indian Companies 15000 INR tax per delegate (10% Disc for group of 3 delegate)**

*Additional GST of 18% is applicable.