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In simple words, blockchain is a public ledger where all committed transactions are stored in a list of blocks that is immutable and verifiable. This chain grows as the new blocks are added to it. What makes blockchain different from the other available technologies is the fact that it’s decentralized. If you think of a traditional database like a spreadsheet, running on a single computer, blockchain distributes that so the spreadsheet runs on millions and millions of computers. It also uses state of the art cryptography, so that once information goes in, it is virtually impossible to get it out again without the original passcode or key. The real disruption here is that trust is established through collaboration and code, rather than a central authority. So you no longer need a bank to make a money transfer around the world. You no longer need an escrow account to buy a home, or a real estate agent to facilitate the transaction. You no longer need a company or central authority to facilitate a transaction of any kind. That is revolutionary and has the potential to revolutionize nearly every industry.

To explore this topic more, we are focusing on the finance function and the future of finance leadership in our latest “Workshop on Fundamentals of Blockchain” in Mumbai.

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Join us on 23rd October 2019, Dubai

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Who Should Attend

Who should attend

The workshop is aimed at key decision makers at any business.

The workshop should be attended by:

• CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CTOs and other C suite executives
• Heads of finance functions and finance managers
• Heads of IT, Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Legal
• Front-line staff


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Hard Copy & Soft Copy of Presentation, Certification, Break fast, Lunch, Refreshments India Companies 500 USD

*Additional GST of 18% is applicable.