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Why This Seminar

It is a challenging responsibility to manage EPC/ Turnkey Projects for Infrastructure Development in any Country. Many International Contract models issued by FIDIC, NEC, JCT, & ICE or equivalent are utilized for such projects. Recently FIDIC & NEC have issued their latest editions after a gap of 10 to 15 years. These Contract models are revised keeping in mind Global trends in EPC/Turnkey Projects.

Indian Govt. has also decided to go for EPC Contract Model for all new Infrastructure Projects. NITI AAYOG has even published in March,2018 draft model for Infrastructure Projects in India on similar lines but  with some Clauses which protect Employer’s interest and transfers substantial risks to the Contractor to manage.

All these domestic & International trends are keenly studied and debated, by all the stakeholders like Employers, Contractors. Consultants and Government. Indian participants should understand main provisions of various contract models and the risk profiles of the projects awarded by Govt. or Public bodies in different sectors of Infrastructure. They should keep in mind the Legal and Contractual framework applicable in India and how the Dispute resolution mechanism will work whenever a claim or dispute is to be settled.


The program objectives and benefits are achieved by focusing on following learning

  • Participants will understand the basic structure of new contract conditions of International Contract Models under FIDIC system.
  • Participants will learn to administer such contracts while guarding fair interests of both the parties by proper cooperation, correspondence and contemporary record.
  • Participants will know when and how to raise claims are appropriate time and defend them in professional manner.
  • Participants will know how to minimize the claims and avoid costly disputes & litigation with Clients.
  • Participants will understand dispute settlement practices and Arbitration procedures available in India and abroad.
  • Participants will become successful Professionals in Managing Projects well, while fulfilling the contractual Rights and Responsibilities.

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Join us on 20th & 21st Feb 2020, Courtyard Mariott, Mumbai

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Key Topics to be Covered

1. Welcome to Participants to Seminar Why this Workshop is planned now?
2. Relevance of FIDIC Contract Model, when NITI AAYOG has issued their draft for EPC Contracts in Infrastructure Projects.
4. General Conditions for Design & Build Projects with special reference to the Employer’s Requirement.
5. Guidance for Particular Application and Special Provisions for Design & Build Projects.
6. Defending Claims in EPC Projects and strategy for Minimizing the Claims & Disputes.
7. Main features of NITI AAYOG’s Model for EPC Contract in Infrastructure Projects.
8. Comparison of NITI AAYOG’s model with FIDIC for Design and Build Projects & its Risk assessment.
10. Discussion about Force Majeure & Exceptional events in the context of General and Particular conditions to EPC Projects with special reference to India
11. Dispute Resolution and Arbitration in India in the context of FIDIC Dispute Settlement provisions and Indian Arbitration Law.
12. Closing Session with Open House for Q&A & Distribution of Certificates.

Who Should Attend


  • Contract Managers and Contract Engineers
  • Projects Directors and Project Managers
  • Procurement Managers and Purchase Engineers
  • Planning Managers and Planning Engineers
  • Consultants and PMC Engineers
  • Procurement Experts in Funding Agencies
  • Public Sector Managers and Govt. officers
  • Tendering and Estimation Engineers
  • Business Managers and Costing Engineers


  • Real estate and Commercial Construction
  • Highway Construction and Bridges
  • Sea Ports and Air Ports
  • Urban Infrastructure & Metro Rails
  • Industrial Projects and Warehouses
  • Oil & Gas and Petro Chemical Industries
  • Power Generation and Transmission
  • Renewable sources of Energy.
  • Water Supply & Sanitation Projects.



Package Delegate Standard Rate
Non Residential Event Hard copy & Soft Copy of Training
Materials, Lunch, Break Fast,
Refreshments, Certificate of Merit Attendance
35000 INR + GST Per delegate

*Additional GST of 18% is applicable.

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